On behalf of We Lead, I would like to personally express my deepest thanks and appreciation for your participation in economic and community development efforts in West Liberty. Progress would not be possible without the support of this community.

We Lead made a great deal of progress in 2016. Here are the highlights:

  • Grand opening of the Regional Learning and Cultural Center (RLCC)
  • Participation in Downtown Task Force
  • Farmers Market
  • Career Fair
  • Participation in the Comprehensive Planning for the City of West Liberty
  • Implementation of a TIF program
  • Business expansions
  • New housing developments
  • Work with business prospects

The year 2017 is going to be a year of new beginnings and yet the overarching goals remain the same. The goals for We Lead are to promote and sustain quality of life in West Liberty. To promote business development and expansion. To promote growth.

You can help! We ask annually that our community consider supporting the We Lead organization and your gift to We Lead will be a positive investment in the community. Visit us at the RLCC, we’ll give you a tour and show you various support levels available.

We understand that growth spurs economic prosperity for our business community and that quality of life improvements, benefit all. We understand the role We Lead plays in growth and look forward to delivering on the goals in 2017. Your support will help sustain the organization and allow us to focus on the tasks at hand.


Sandee Buysse-Baker

We Lead Executive Director

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